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Often it is not necessary to completely replace an engine. We are able to recondition car engines, ensuring they run like new …

As an engine ages, its parts will inevitably wear down and wear out. The fact is, however, that some engine components will deteriorate faster than others, and the engine block itself will likely still be good when many of its attachments no longer function. When an older engine is beginning to fail, or has already broken down, it may be time to invest in engine reconditioning. The higher cost of purchasing a new engine or a whole new vehicle often makes it cost-effective to utilize the services of engine reconditioners.

What Is Engine Reconditioning?

Engine reconditioners specialize in rebuilding an engine in such a way as to make it run strong again, more or less like it did when it was fresh out of the factory. In fact, when an engine is 100 percent reconditioned, the term “remanufactured” is often applied to it. It is also possible, however, to partially or “selectively” recondition an engine. Whether you should opt for full or partial engine reconditioning will depend on the condition of the parts and the length of time they are likely to last.

There are many specifics involved in the work of engine reconditioners. The cast iron engine block must be thoroughly cleaned. New, high-quality parts must replace the old ones wherever necessary. The process must be done in a step-by-step manner to ensure correct assembly, and the renovated engine must be tested in various ways before it is reinstalled in the vehicle frame.

Some of the most common engine parts to replace during a reconditioning operation include
the following: cam, main, and connecting rod bearings, camshaft, valve lifters, timing chain, rocker arms, push rods, oil pump, pistons, and rings. The block will typically be cleaned, bored, and honed. The crankshaft will normally be reground, and the cylinder head will receive new valves and springs.

Engine Reconditioning in Sydney

We offer engine reconditioning to Sydney residents that is fast, effective, and affordable. We have a team of expert mechanics on our staff and quick access to all of the parts and tools necessary to get the job done right without delay. Our family owned and operated local business is located in Villawood, which is only 25 km west of Sydney’s Central Business District.

Some of the factors that set our reconditioning services apart from the competition include the following:

  • A staff with experience that ranges across every aspect of engine repair
  • A service shop that is outfitted with all the latest tools and equipment to ensure a precision finish
  • A competitive price that gives you maximum value for your investment
  • A valuable warranty on our work

Do not hesitate to contact us for information and advice on all of your engine-related needs. We can help you decide if reconditioning your engine is the best option and whether full or partial reconditioning makes the most sense in your situation. If you opt for reconditioning, we can explain to you the process we will put your engine through and the benefits you can expect to receive. We are always ready to assist you with engine reconditioning in Sydney and surrounding areas, and we are confident we can save you money by reconditioning your worn-down engine.

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