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We can diagnose any issue with your engine and provide you with the best possible solution to get you back on the road.

When a vehicle is in need of engine repairs, it can’t be trusted to just anyone. Engines are complex, technically challenging elements of an automobile that must be handled with precision and experience. That’s where we come in. Applying our 30 years of hands-on expertise in all things engine-related, Villawood Engine Services offers quality engine repairs at ultra-competitive prices, so you always know you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned money. We also offer engine reconditioning and exchanges from our large factory in Villawood, Sydney, Australia.

The Villawood Difference

Why trust just any mechanic in Sydney when you can go to one of the best? Our facility boasts a team of highly-qualified mechanics capable of working with both diesel and petrol engines. Additionally, Villawood employs its own privately-owned tow truck to pick up customers who are stuck with disabled vehicles. This means we not only offer the best engine solutions but the ultimate in customer service – by putting YOU, our valued customers first, Villawood Engine Services has secured a stellar reputation that has been one of the driving factors behind the growth of our business.

What’s That Noise?

If you’re experiencing rough engine idle – engine “pings” or “knocks” during acceleration – poor mileage or hard engine starts, it may be time for an engine diagnostic and subsequent repairs to your vehicle. Villawood’s engine repair services encompass a wide range of options depending on the length of time between services, or whether a sudden breakdown of a component has stopped your engine cold.

Basic preventative maintenance habits, such as changing your car’s oil or air intake filter, can assist in extending the life of the engine while increasing reliability. For ideal performance, you should always refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule maintenance section in your owner’s manual.

Our Engine Repair Services

Typically, our engine repair approach boils down to two major services before we delve into anything more serious:

Check Engine Light Service

The “Check Engine” dashboard light is what sends most customers our way, and this is no surprise: If this indicator comes on and stays on, it usually means something is being triggered by a wide range of causes. Some of them can be as simple as an overdue oil change, but regardless, it’s important to find out what the issue is. At Villawood Engine Services, we perform a diagnostic test which helps our technicians recommend the right repair or service for your vehicle, if one is called for.

Serpentine Belt (drive belt) Service

Your vehicle’s serpentine belt is a single, continuous piece of mechanics that drives multiple devices in your engine such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump and air conditioning compressor. If this belt breaks, all of these systems will shut down and your vehicle will overheat. However, a regular inspection and possible serpentine belt replacement by a Villawood mechanic of Sydney will keep you and your vehicle on the road…while keeping your loved ones safe. Our techs listen for unfamiliar noises or screeches from the engine compartment that are normally caused by frayed, split or worn-out belts; we also visually inspect the serpentine belt for fraying, splitting, glazing (when the working edge of the belt becomes shiny from wear and age) or any other damage.

Every engine has its own set of diverse needs, and these can be determined by many factors including maintenance level, past use and driving conditions. At Villawood Engine Services, we use our 30 years of engine repair experience to provide the services you need to ensure your engine is performing at its very optimum.

If your car or truck is experiencing engine malfunctions of any kind, contact us today for an honest, no-nonsense and competitive quote.

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